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  Album: unknown
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  Date:   2008-01-01
  Type:   Lyric
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* *
* Stay *
* by Shakespear's Sister *
if this world is wearing thin
and you're thinking of escape
i'll go anywhere with you
just wrap me up in chains
but if you try to go out alone
don't think i'll understand
stay with me
stay with me
in the silence of your room
in the darkness of your dreams
you must only think of me
there can be no in-betweens
when your pride is on the floor
i'll make you beg for more
stay with me
stay with me
you'd better hope and pray
that you make it safe
back to your own world
you'd better hope and pray
that you wake one day
in your own world
'cuz when you sleep at night
they don't hear your cries
in your own world
only time will tell
if you can break the spell
back in your own world
stay with me
stay with me
(repeats til end)
-- Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey
Transcribed for your reading (dis)pleasure
by the tag-team duo of Virany Kreng and Rachel Villarama...
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